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Bookworm is a document reader that allows you to read more than 15 document formats including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI using a versatile, yet simple, and highly accessible interface.

Bookworm provides you with a rich set of tools for reading your documents. You can search the document, bookmark and highlight interesting content, use text-to-speech, and convert scanned documents to plain text using Optical Character Recgonition (OCR).

Bookworm runs on Microsoft Windows operating system. It works well with your favorite screen reader such as NVDA and JAWS. Even if no screen reader is active, Bookworm can function as a self-voicing application using its builtin text-to-speech features.

Bookworm is a free and open-source application, visit our GitHub page to follow Bookworm's development.


Ubiquitous & Versatile

Bookworm supports most of the documents formats you may encounter, and it allows you to read them in a simple, versatile interface.

100% Accessible

Bookworm is accessible by design. Every feature of the application is crafted to be accessible and easy to use using assistive technologies.

Fully Featured

Out of the box, Bookworm comes with Text-to-speech, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), article extractor, Wikipedia integration, and more...


Do not only read documents, interact with them. That's why Bookworm allows you to bookmark, highlight, and take notes.


Bookworm offers you the reading experience you expect from a modern document reader. Adaptive technologies should be simple not simplistic.

Free & Open-source

Bookworm is a free and open-source application. You can run it, modify it, and learn from it without restrictions.

Features at a glance

A screen shot of Bookworm's main window with an open book

Available in 7 languages and counting

Use the familiar single letter navigation keys to jump between headings, lists, tables, and quotes

Advanced search options, specify search ranges and use regular expressions

builtin text-to-speech using SAPI5 and Win10 OneCore speech engine

Convert scanned documents to text using Tesseract or the builtin Win10 OCR engine

Clean the clutter from web pages and read web articles without adds or interruptions

Different reading modes for different document types, reading a document that contains code? no problem!

search Wikipedia and get an instant definition for any term

Bookworm is developed by

Blind Pandas Team

Blind Pandas Team is a worldwide community of software developers, translators, and other types of makers who want to make the world more accessible through open-source, with the vision of upholding accessibility in words and actions. Connect with us via Twitter

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Bookworm is supported by


A Japan based non-profit organization, founded by blind Sudanese professionals to support the education of persons with disabilities in Sudan.

In February 2021 Capeds funded the project's infrastructure for the next three years, and sponsored the integration of Tesseract OCR engine into Bookworm.

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If you or your organization would like to sponsor the project or a specific feature, please get in touch

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